Shopping too heavy to carry home?

Veg Box

If you spend over £25, and live within three miles, we can deliver your shopping for you for free. Ask in the shop for details.

HoneyLocal raw honey now in store

£3.50 for small delicious jar

A community kitchen?

A community kitchen?What do you think about having a community resource dedicated to healthy cooking and eating where we could also make soups, fresh juices and cakes for the shop? We want to pass on the message about how important wholesome local food is, so we had the idea to start a community kitchen where school or community groups can learn about healthy food and cooking.

We'd love to have your feedback about which food products you think would be popular and which groups could benefit from using the kitchen.

Please email us with your ideas

New Totally Local Box

Veg Box

(June to February only) This box contains six generous portions of vegetables grown within 60 miles of Hebden Bridge. It costs just £10. And, coming shortly, you will be able to see what will be in the box in advance and add as many extras as you like using our new online service.


Apple Day 2016

Valley Organics is once again celebrating Apple Day with an event that will be full of flavour, fun, free and is open to all!

Thursday 20 October 2016, 6.30-8.30pm

The Real Junk Food Café, upstairs at Salem Mill, HX7 6HB

Come along and…

  • taste local apple varieties
  • enter our free raffle to win one of three ready to plant apple trees from Incredible Farm
  • have all your apple questions answered by apple enthusiast Mark Simmonds
  • sample home-made apple cake and apple juices
  • have apples from your own tree identified
  • place orders for Incredible Farm apple trees

More info

Facebook: ValleyOrganicsCoop

Twitter: ValOrgcoop

Apple Day

ApplesEarly English apples have arrived!

…and they have been flying out the door in bulging paper bags, grasped by beaming fruit enthusiasts.

Discovery - the Beaujolais Noveau of apples (its appeal is entirely down to being fresh and new)
Lena - a slightly tart, crunchy green apple, with flushes of red. It makes a lovely crumble or sauce and is popular with people who like Granny Smiths.
George Cave - acidic and zingy and a stronger more intense flavour than other earlies
Scrumptious - Rosy red, it gets its sweetness from Golden Delicious, but there are also the fresh strawberry flavours from Worcester Pearmain and Discovery.
Grenadier cookers - not the most attractive of apples - it is a lumpen green, often with a pronounced ribbed effect. However, this ugliness is transformed in the pot, where it easily cooks down to cream-coloured puree with a superb apple flavour.
Worcester Pearmain - It's main claim to fame is the strawberry flavour, although the intensity of this is quite variable.
Laxtons Epicure - fantastically juicy, richly aromatic.

BenBen recommends

Ready meals

Did you know Valley Organics keeps a good selection of 'ready meals' in the fridge?

Let me introduce you to a few of our family favourites..

Biona Gnocchi. These little beauties simply fry in a little oil or butter (and garlic if you like) for a couple of minutes and turn a lovely golden brown, forming a light crunchy coating and a squishy but slightly chewy interior. They are delicious with a sprinkling of your favourite cheese or a blob of pesto. My boy gobbles them up. £2.99 for 400g

The Taifun Wiener sausage. I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about these. I am not a Tofu devotee and I have a firmly embedded childhood-based prejudice of what a hot dog sausage should taste and feel like. However, the tofu wiener does not disappoint. Heated in a water bath or gently fried, they are simply amazing with fried onions, ketchup and mustard in a pappy white bread roll.

We don't sell the pappy bread rolls but I know of a little store just down the road from us that does and hey, they are a Co-op too (sort of). Alternatively, try them as a pizza topping with pineapple. Cracking! £3.99 for 4 sausages, 309g

The MacSween Vegetarian Haggis. "A mix of healthy fresh vegetables, pulses, oatmeal, seeds and spices" says the MacSween website. This really is a very tasty haggis. Another winner with the smallest person in our house. Wrap in foil, put in a water bath and oven cook for 50 minutes. Or for those modern techies among you, it claims it will cook in 3 minutes in the microwave. Sounds like dark magic to me. Although the larger 454g haggis says 'for 2-3 people', we can make a 227g small one feed three of us with a heap of swede and carrot and some spuds on the side. £2.39 for 227g, £4.62 for 454g

Annual Report

Click here to view our Annual Report for 2013-2014

Tea Towels Are The Future!

T Towel 1 T Towel 2

We are convinced that the world needs more tea towels - so we have produced these two designs specially for Hebden Bridge. They are made in India from fairly-traded organic cotton sewn by a women’s tailoring society based in Kuppam village. The womens’ earnings are equal to the men’s and their incomes allow them to support their families and educate their children. The tea towels cost £4.95 each and make excellent presents. What is more we will donate 50p from the sale of each towel to the White Ribbon Campaign - a charity based in Mytholmroyd supporting men working to end violence against women. Find out more at: